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Translittératies: enjeux de citoyenneté et de créativité

View Presentation Thumbnail Image - Opening of the conférence
Pierre-Paul Zalio, (président de… 26/11/2012 34 Vues
View Presentation Thumbnail Image - Transliteracy: a Unifying Concept
This talk describes the development of transliteracy research at the Institute of Creative Technologies (IOCT), De Montfort University, UK, where it was…
Sue Thomas (De Montfort… 23/11/2012 1467 Vues
View Presentation Thumbnail Image - This is Not a Book: Transliteracies and Long Forms of Digital Attention
This talk argues that in the digital age, the "book"--whether physical, digital, or in some other media–is only a metaphor for "long forms of shared attention.…
Alan Liu (Université de… 26/11/2012 1457 Vues
View Presentation Thumbnail Image - Transliteracy and Knowledge Building: Discourse, Metadiscourse, and Sustained Creative Work with Promising Ideas.
Knowledge creation requires the production of community knowledge something different from and beyond individual states of knowing. Eventually community…
Marlene Scardamalia (Université… 26/11/2012 23 Vues